Privacy Policy

My IKO: Knowledge Bank
In order to register for the My IKO service we may collect the following personal data about you:
• your name
• your email
• your company name
• your user name and password

We may also collect some or all of the above personal data about you when you access and browse this Website, including when you sign up to receive IKO newsletters.

How we may use your information
• to make this Website available to you and to provide you with content which is tailored to your individual tastes
• with your agreement, to contact you about promotional offers and products and services which we think may interest you and for customer satisfaction and market research purposes
• for any related purposes, or where we have a legal right or duty to use or disclose your information (including for crime and fraud preventation and related purposes).

In addition, we may collect anonymised details about visitors to our Website for the purposes of aggregate statistics or reporting purposes. However, no single individual will be identifiable from the anonymised details that we collect for these purposes.

Except as set out in this privacy policy, we will not disclose, sell or rent your personal data to any third party. If you do consent but later change your mind, you may contact us and we will cease any such activity.

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