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IKO Insulations manufaturers high quality PIR insulation boards under the brand name IKO enertherm, for use with mastic asphalt, hot melt monolithic membranes, bitumen bonded, torch applied and mechanically fixed reinforced bitumen membranes as well as polymeric single-ply roofing systems.

Thermal insulation is becoming an increasingly important part of construction performance. Modern building design calls for materials of high insulation value, whilst being cost effective and without hazard to the environment. IKO Insulations develops, manufactures and distributes innovative PIR (polyisocyanurate)-based insulation products under the IKO enertherm brand name.
The demand for high-performance insulation products for the construction industry is growing all the time. To meet this demand, IKO Insulations is constantly investing in Research & Development, a necessity if it is to make products that keep pushing limits in terms of energy performance and insulation value.

The Benefits

What are the main features and benefits of an IKO enertherm PIR insulation board?

Why Choose IKO enertherm?

Find out what makes IKO enertherm PIR insulation boards so unique.

Product Finder by Application

IKO Insulations has an insulation board for every application. Find out which board is right for your project.

Product Range

The IKO enertherm product range covers all forms of installation from roofing to flooring.

IKO Roofing Systems

IKO enertherm is covered by BBA Agrément Certificates as part of our comprehensive range of waterproofing systems along iwth its own BBA Certification (15/5283):

Polimar (Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing) BBA Certificate 14/5088 
Ultra Prevent T-O  (Torch On application) BBA Certificate 91/2671 
Mach One (Single Layer, Torch Free application) BBA Certificate 00/3760
Armourplan SM (Single Ply PVC Membrane) BBA Certificate 05/4287
Armourplan SG (Single Ply PVC Membrane) BBA Certificate 05/4287
Armourplan P (Single Ply PVC Membrane) BBA Certificate 05/4287

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