Rubershield-Light is a BBA certified, lighter weight breather membrane, which combines optimum performance, ease of application and value for money. Designed for use as a fully supported or unsupported breathable underlay for tiled, slated or metal roofing systems.

It is suitable for both warm and cold roof applications.

Rubershield-Light allows the escape of water vapour from within the roof structure whilst protecting against wind driven rain, snow and dust, which may penetrate the main roof waterproofing, providing a permanent quality breather underlay, which will last the life of the roof construction.

Features and Benefits
  • BBA Approved - Certificate No. 07/4457
  • Lighter weight breathable membrane
  • Allows escape of harmful water vapour
  • Durable and rot proof
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Good UV stability
  • No adhesives or toxic additives
  • 100% recyclable



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