Airbus, Stevenage

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22,000m² Flame-Free System Used in Sensitive Industrial Refurbishment

Project Description
Airbus PLC required a completely flame-free installed system. Improvement was necessary to improve roof and gutter surface water clearance. The head office provided a challenge due to the amount of roof mounted pipework. Due to the housing of sensitive contents – vibration and noise as well as disruption had to be kept at a minimum.

Solution and Installation
No timber was allowed as part of the new refurb to conform to FM Global (Airbus Insurers) regarding system fire rating. IKO recommended an overlay on the existing deck, which complied with all the latest British Standards and Regulations.

IKO Mach One System was chosen as it provided a flame-free System. Where detailing was difficult IKO Polimar EC/UV System was used. The roof refurbishment also included the installation of smoke vents, associated smoke control panels and accessories.

Systems Used:

Contractor: BAS Property Consultants
Size: 22,000m²