Introducing the IKO Grangemill Manufacturing Facility’s Sales Director

IKO Permatrack is delighted to introduce Marcus Lee as the new Sales Director for the Grangemill manufacturing facility here at IKO PLC. Marcus has taken the step up from his pervious role as Commercial Manager.

Marcus has held a number of different positions within the IKO family since 2003, notably working within the Mastic Asphalt and team for a number of years before moving internally, assisting in the development of the PermaTEC Hot Melt business from 2006, before also taking responsibility for the Mastic Asphalt and Highways products in 2014. The numerous roles and areas of the business Marcus has been involved with means he brings with him a wealth of experience to the role as he explains, ‘the knowledge I have gained from working in different divisions for IKO plc have  helped in developing a range of products that will be key to expanding the IKO Permatrack offering and providing our valued customers with a proposition that offers high quality while still providing a low cost per product life cycle.’

Marcus continues, highlighting the benefits of installing an IKO Permatrack product, ‘because the IKO range offers a waterproof, rut resistant finish, customers can truly install and forget, providing peace of mind and product longevity that is hard to beat’.

With his feet now firmly on the ground (Mastic Asphalt, of course) back from the lofty heights of flat roofing, it is no surprise to hear than when asked about his favourite colour, the answer was always going to be ‘black, the colour of asphalt!’, evidence alone to his dedication and passion for the industry.