IKO Launches New Spectradek

IKO Polymeric has launched Spectradek, a single component, factory engineered roof panel, made from a high performance single ply TPE waterproofing membrane with insulation and a trapezoidal steel deck.

The new Spectradek system is suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, and is also suitable for roofs with convex or concave curves.

Spectradek utilises Spectraplan TPE as its waterproofing membrane, which has a BBA certified life expectancy in excess of 30 years. Incorporating a range of membranes and accessories, Spectraplan TPE systems combine the best performance characteristics of thermoplastics and elastomerics. One of the major benefits of TPE membranes is its excellent welding characteristics. It has an impressively wide welding window with operating temperatures from 200°C to 650°C and can be machine welded extremely quickly at speeds of up to seven linear metres a minute.

TPE membranes also have unmatched environmental credentials. They’re free from halogens and there are no plasticisers or HCFCs. The hot-air welding process doesn’t require solvents or generate smoke, so it is a fumeless, safe and a quick product for contractors to install.

Anthony Carlyle, IKO Polymeric Managing Director, says: “Spectradek has already been used on a large distribution centre for Farmfoods; a single storey temperature-controlled building. The roof needed to be rapidly constructed and provide lasting protection, but also needed to meet exacting insulation and environmental specifications. Spectradek was the ideal solution.”

IKO Polymeric offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for waterproofing, with a range of single ply roofing systems including insulation and adhesives. Several unique products are manufactured at its Derbyshire production facility, including pre-fabricated membranes and the Armourplan PVC range.”