IKO Permatrack Achieves HAPAS Certification


IKO Permatrack High Modulus (Permatrack H) achieves HAPAS (Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme) certification from the BBA for its Ironwork Reinstatement System.

Rigorously tested on performance and durability, Permatrack H achieved the necessary standards required to gain HAPAS certification.

Permatrack H is a polymer-modified mastic asphalt crack sealing system. It is a flexible and hard wearing solution comprised of bituminous material, for use in repairing general cracks in the road surface, Bridge deck expansion joints and  areas adjacent to ironworks such as manhole covers and rainwater gullies by reinstating the road surface around them. The BBA HAPAS certificate sets a minimum expected life of five years.

Business Development Manager for IKO’s Permatrack highway systems, Wayne Perrin, says: “Permatrack H is ideal for roads that are subject to constant trafficking from cars and heavy goods vehicles. Among its many benefits, it’s also waterproof and resistant to ‘freeze-thaw cycling’ which is one of the main contributory factors to the breakdown of traditional surfacing materials. Gaining HAPAS confirms our ongoing commitment to providing the industry with high quality accredited products and systems.”