Meet Wayne Perrin – IKO Permatrack Business Development Manager

Wayne Perrin (Business Development Manager for IKO PLC – Permatrack Division) has worked for IKO under various guises, for over 30 years. With this knowledge and experience behind him, he is in the perfect position to help and advise customers on the best application for Mastic Asphalt.

Wayne joined the Mastic Asphalt division of IKO (Permanite Asphalt as it was known at the time) back in September 1982 as a Trainee Laboratory Technician at the production unit in Blaenavon South Wales before moving to the Technical Service Department at Matlock, assisting in the development of polymer modified Mastic Asphalt products for car park decks and flat roofing. It was from here that Wayne’s product knowledge became invaluable allowing him to traverse between technical roles and the more sales driven environment, always with a keen eye on assisting clients and advising Professional Architects, Surveyors and Contractors on the advantages of Mastic Asphalt and best practice applications and installations over the next 15-20 years.

In 2013, the culmination of all this hard work came to the fore with IKOs development of a range of bituminous roadway products and systems, more commonly known as Permatrack to which Wayne is now the Business Development Manager. This role allows Wayne to utilise his knowledge, increasing the awareness and uses of Mastic Asphalt across a broader spectrum of applications in regards to roadway and civils projects.

Wayne comments ‘Mastic Asphalt has become, in part, forgotten or not realised its full potential within this segment of the market. Many customers are surprised by the numerous benefits that are achieved by using this versatile product.’ He continues ‘IKO Permatrack products above all else offer durability, with this comes longevity in service and provides long term ‘value for money’ innovative solutions.’ Wayne has another passion outside the Mastic Asphalt arena which is sports, more specifically football and his love of Derby County (we are assured that when Wayne was growing up Derby County were a force to be reckoned with).

Wayne concludes by stating ‘although a keen follower of the Rams my favourite colour has to be red, I would like to say this is as a result of my passion for asphalt and the old ‘mastic asphalt handbook’ also known as the ‘Red’ book but its more to do with my passion for my home nation and the sporting colour of wales!’

Contact Wayne today on 07774 225 122 and find out how IKO Permatrack can help with your next roadway and civils project.