New IKO roof for Perry Hall Academy

Built in 1949, the school’s roof was showing its age. IKO provided a detailed survey to help the academy with its funding bid. The survey revealed serious problems – leaks, cracks in the mastic asphalt, pooled water and poor heat retention. The school decided to replace the roof and have new rooflights fitted to allow in more natural light.

Working with specifier Denis O’Rourke of Concept Education Services and contractor G Cooper Roofing, IKO delivered a robust, long-lasting bituminous built-up roofing system. Products included IKO enertherm enhanced insulation to improve thermal efficiency and Goldseal Torch-On cap sheet which contains a fire retardant additive for improved fire performance. Pyramid IKO Superlite triple-glazed structural rooflights were also fitted, which are more energy efficient, allow more natural light into the classrooms, and reduce glare and noise.

Kevin O’Connell, IKO’s Business Development Manager, explains: “The Academy needed a roof that could be quickly and safely installed by a manufacturer that could provide comprehensive technical support. Some of the work was completed during term time, so strict security measures were in place to keep pupils and staff safe. This included making sure deliveries arrived before the start of the school day, and that work involving moving large amount of ballast was done over weekends and school holidays.

“On the technical side,” continues Kevin, “we had to design and deliver tapered insulation on inverted roofs at short notice, without holding up the overall project. We also made checks to ensure excess water could easily be cleared.”

The project was completed on time and on budget, giving the school a BBA approved system with a 20 year single point guarantee from a British manufacturer.