Asphalt, Pavement Engineering and Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition (24 & 25 Feb 16)

IKO Permatracks Wayne Perrin (Product Manager – Permatrack for Highways and Civils) shared some of his wealth of experience by outlining the advances and innovations in Mastic Asphalt bridge deck surfacing at the Asphalt, Pavement Engineering and Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition organised by Liverpool’s John Moores University at the end of February (24th & 25th).

Progressive technological advances in Mastic Asphalt thanks to polymer modification is just one of the topics that was covered during the presentation, attended by over 80 conference delegates from the leading organisations within the industry. New delivery techniques, utilising hot charge transporters and luggers ensures quality product at the point of laying and cuts down on wastage while the use of machinery to lay the different variations of IKO Permatrack have led to a reduction in laying time and labour costs.

‘It was a very well attended conference’ explains Wayne ‘there was a genuine buzz around the place. From an IKO perspective, we had numerous enquiries into IKO Permatrack Bridge Deck Surfacing, the IKO Permatrack Ironwork Reinstatement system and also arranged a number of CPDs which will be conducted over the coming months. A number of delegates also showed an interest in becoming a registered contractor which is a great benefit for them and for IKO.’

Wayne finished  by commenting ‘everybody who visited the stand could see the merits of all the Permatrack Systems by virtue of the use of waterproof , void-less materials that would not be subject to breaking down as a result of water penetration and freeze/thaw cycling.’

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