IKOslate Offers Green and Vandal Proof Solution for Gorse Hill Primary School

When a single sourced solution was required to replace the flat and pitched roofs at Gorse Hill Primary School in Stretford, Trafford Council turned to global waterproofing and roofing leader IKO PLC. The old roof had suffered damage, some from vandalism and some from normal wear and tear. IKO’s Ultraprevent built-up bituminous system was specified for all flat roof areas, while IKO Polimar, a cold applied liquid, was used to deal with intricate details. Most importantly, all 16 dormers were redesigned using IKOslate, robust and durable polymer tiles with a natural looking finish.

“The old roof was easily accessible to pupils retrieving lost footballs – or just larking about – and the tiles had become cracked and broken,” explains Paul Thompson, Divisional Sales Manager of IKO. “IKOslate was specified as the ideal solution for the pitched roof. Using traditional slate, wastage from breaks while cutting can be as much as 10%, but this doesn’t arise with IKOslate. There’s no need to over-order to allow for breakages, and little waste to dispose of – making IKOslate a very economical product.”

It’s a green product too – IKOslate is manufactured from mineral reinforced 99% recycled and re-engineered materials. The tiles safe to cut on site, don’t need specialist tools to fix and any offcuts are 100% recyclable

Martin Richards of JDK Roofing, the contractor on the project was very impressed. “It’s a brilliant product,” he says, “second to none when it comes to schools or buildings with accessible roofs. IKOslates are much lighter than traditional slates, easier to handle and there’s much less waste.”