The Pothole and Patching Problem!

It has become a daily occurrence to see reports on the current state of the roads in the UK and in particular Pothole and patching problems so why not consider our IKO Permatrack Mastic Asphalt System as a solution and engineer your pothole and patching problems away permanently.

Most potholes are formed as a result of water being absorbed by the more traditional type of materials used in repairs under the action of pressure from vehicles or just freeze thaw cycling, these materials start to breakdown and ultimately lead to pothole formation, some traditional repair materials rely on compaction to achieve a closed structure and repel moisture mastic Asphalt as a material to infill offers advantages as the material is voidless and therefore does not absorb water which leads to the initial problem, it does not require any compaction and has excellent rut resistance properties to withstand vehicular traffic.

We can supply our IKO Permatrack Mastic Asphalt in bulk form ready to install. Bulk deliveries of for example 6 tonnes hot charge ‘ready to lay’ material could potentially do 60 potholes/patches at 1m x1m and 40mm deep, 18 tonnes would accommodate 180 potholes of same size, alternatively it can be supplied in block form to be re-melted on onsite e.g. 4 No 25Kg blocks would do one pothole of the above dimensions which Illustrates the flexibility of large or small quantity deliveries of material.

Correct installation is of paramount importance. The sides of pothole should be cut square with vertical sides and then coated using our PSB flexible bituminous material it should then be filled using our IKO Permatrack H mastic asphalt the surface joints should then be sealed using our PSB bituminous material. There is no reason why mastic asphalt potholes and patches repaired correctly should not act as a permanent repair giving many years of service life.

For more information on our IKO Permatrack system contact John Clarke on 07725 792 275 or