New Options for Roofing Tiles

Slate tiles have been used on pitched roofs since Roman times, with a reputation for high quality and durability. As a natural stone product, slate has a beautiful and unique appearance – but it’s certainly not for everybody. In fact, the downsides often outweigh the positives: it’s prohibitively expensive, heavy and difficult to install, even for experienced roofers. It’s also relatively fragile, making it difficult to repair after storms or frosts, for example. Once broken, it can be hard to find a matching replacement as traditional slates come in lots.

What’s more, the majority of natural slate tiles are often imported from overseas as a cheaper option, which reduces any claim to sustainability. Poor quality slate can also discolour more quickly if it includes a higher water content and isn’t tested to UK standards.

That’s why IKO PLC has developed IKOslate which is an engineered roof tile with the beauty of its natural cousin but none of the drawbacks. It offers benefits for specifiers who want a truly sustainable alternative and contractors and roofers looking for a quick and easy installation that also delivers durability and great looks.

The inherent properties of IKOslate also make it the ideal choice when selecting sustainable building products. In fact, just 1m² of IKOslate contains more recycled content than the average family discards in a month.

IKOslate isn’t Just a Replica – It’s an Improvement
IKOslate is a composite roof tile manufactured from mineral reinforced, 99% recycled and re-engineered materials. Its unique structure gives it superior strength and makes it easier to handle and install.

Moulds of quarried slates are used to form the composite tiles. Each mould gives different textures and patterns to the tile and its natural look is enhanced by a realistic “slate grey” finish.

Proven Protection Against the Elements
Fire, wind, rain, pollution – even microbial growth: IKOslate has been extensively tested and independently proven to be capable of dealing with them all.

IKOslate is:
Fire rated to EXT.S.AA in accordance with BS476 Part 3: 2004
• Certified to withstand wind (and wind-driven rain) in excess of 110mph
Resistant to fungicidal and microbial growth as well as airborne chemicals and pollutants
• Has passed the 4,500 hours accelerated ‘arc zenon test’ equivalent to 50 years’ colour-fastness and UV resistance

Reduced Breakage, Scrap and Disposal Costs
Because natural slate can be easily broken during transport, storage and installation, it’s often necessary to over order to ensure that you have enough to finish the job.

IKOslate makes it easy to order just the right amount of roofing tiles, no more, no less. Each pack contains enough tiles to cover approximately 1.5m² with a 180mm batten gauge – and it’s even easier using the IKO Ready Reckoner ordering tool. And because it’s not brittle like slate, there’s no need to build a breakage factor into the amount you order.

Safer Manual Handling Around the Site
An IKOslate tile is around 80% lighter than a traditional slate of the same size which makes transporting them to, and around, site much easier, especially as they’re supplied in clever carry-packs for efficient manual handling.

It’s also completely safe to cut and use on site. No harmful dust is created and there is no need for either water suppression or respiratory protection.

IKOslate allows roofers and contractors to deliver a sustainable roof with the look and feel of slate, while saving money, time and resources.

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Ashley Chivers, Director of IKO PLC’s Roofing Specification Division