IKO’s #NoMorePotholes campaign up for 2 Awards

IKO PLC’s #NoMorePotholes campaign has been shortlisted for two Construction Marketing Awards. Working with MRA Marketing, IKO PLC’s ongoing campaign aims to raise awareness of the problems potholes cause, why repairs aren’t working, and that there’s a solution. The #NoMorePotholes campaign has been shortlisted for Best Social Media and Best Low Budget Awards thanks to the impressive coverage achieved in trade and consumer press and high engagement on social media and within the market.

‘We see the same potholes appearing, getting fixed and reappearing shortly afterwards in a never-ending cycle,’ comments Andy Williamson, IKO UK Group Managing Director. ‘Councils have to make rapid repairs to keep roads open and road-users safe, using a quick-to-apply traditional material which doesn’t last. It’s costly, ineffective, it wastes taxpayer’s money and it frustrates and endangers road-users. Mastic asphalt is a better, longer-lasting, more cost-effective solution that is already being used on crack repairs, resurfacing and more – it could transform UK roads and save money.’

Andy adds: ‘I’ve written personally to the press and IKO has taken on the campaign to educate the decision-makers and call for change.’

Join the campaign by following @ikoplc and tweeting pictures of the potholes you see using the hashtag #NoMorePotholes!