New Hot Melt Waterproofing CPD from IKO

A new RIBA-approved CPD seminar from IKO PLC introduces architects and specifiers to the benefits of inverted roofs and hot melt monolithic waterproofing. Hot Melt Roof Waterproofing: The Zero Falls Roof Solution explores the design considerations necessary for successful applications and discusses various examples in case studies. Click here to book your RIBA approved CPD.

Hot Melt Waterproofing systems provide a tough, flexible membrane, suitable for use on most protected membrane roofs and structural waterproofing applications. It has a successful track record dating back over 50 years and has been specified on many prestigious UK buildings. It is the preferred choice when long term performance, exceptional resistance to damage, on site installation and peace of mind is required.

During the seminar, candidates investigate the benefits of Hot Melt Systems, learning how difficult problems can be solved with simple solutions. The environmental benefits are explored as well as the lifetime performance of the system. Course content also includes examining different roof types, specification options, zero falls application, environmental developments and support services.

There are a number of key things to consider when specifying a flat roof including life expectancy; cost implications; aesthetics; environmental factors; installation time and the versatility of application. Specifiers should be aware of falls, thermal design, wind, fire, drainage movement and drainage issues when considering a flat roof design. These concerns and how to address them are all discussed in detail as part of the CPD.

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