IKO Renews Sponsorship of Shevington Sharks


This weekend sees Shevington Sharks Amateur Rugby League Football Club celebrating a unique triple success: it’s started work on its new pitches, its Open Age Team (unbeaten throughout May) has qualified for the quarter-finals of the North-West Men’s League Cup, and perhaps most importantly, has secured IKO PLC’s funding for the next three years.

IKO has sponsored Shevington Sharks since 2013, in what is probably the biggest deal of its kind in amateur rugby league. The five figure sum means the Sharks can continue to develop their teams and deliver sports sessions in local schools, particularly Rugby League. And their new pitches, started this weekend after a long wait, will give the club a purpose built home within Shevington. Club Chairman Ian Robinson says “The new base within Shevington and the continuing highly successful partnership with IKO means the club can continue to grow and invest, thus providing people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to play sport”.

Shevington Sharks is the third-oldest club in Wigan and runs a number of age-specific sessions as well as its successful Open Age team. IKO’s Roofing Specification Sales Director, Ashley Chivers, comments: “The deal is a perfect fit for IKO, and means we can put something back into the community, on top of the links already established with schools and academies who benefit from our UK manufactured waterproofing solutions.”

IKO also advises the club on marketing, helping them promote sport and reach out to potential new members in the local community.

For more information on Shevington Sharks follow @ShevingtonShark or visit http://www.shevingtonsharks.co.uk/