IKO enertherm: A Solution For Every Application


Performance is paramount to IKO PLC, global leader in roofing, waterproofing and insulation products. Each product manufactured needs to be high quality, durable and withstand the most challenging of situations.

The demand for high-performance insulation products for the construction industry is growing all the time: it’s why IKO is currently building a new 470,000ft² PIR insulation factory at the Alconbury Weald Enterprise Park in Cambridgeshire. Officially opening in March 2018, the plant represents a £30 million investment for IKO. A high-performance solution for homes, offices and other buildings, IKO enertherm ALU PIR insulation boards have already made an impact on the UK market. They’re extremely energy efficient and can be used in flat and pitched roofs, cavity walls, external walls and basements to reduce heating bills and carbon emissions.

Why choose IKO enertherm?IKO enertherm ALU PIR Insulation Board
BBA and FM approved, IKO enertherm ALU PIR insulation boards are finished on both sides with a 7-layer ALU lamination and tested to resist water absorption, corrosion and emissivity, for long-lasting performance. The outstanding 0.022W/(m.K) lambda value means thermal insulation values can be met using thinner boards, which is a significant benefit. When used on pitched roofs, for example, IKO enertherm is 60% thinner than mineral wool yet provides the same level of insulation (with very low loading of the roof structure), while only one layer of insulation board is needed in cavity walls. When used as loft insulation (with taped seams), no additional vapour screen is needed thanks to the closed cell structure of the board. With space at a premium in the housing market, the savings made across a project can be significant. IKO enertherm can help housebuilders build bigger rooms, and add value, while homeowners have a more comfortable, useable space.

IKO enertherm PIR insulation boards are produced with an exceptionally fine cell structure: unique Micro Cell Technology (MCT) allows the insulation boards to retain their shape and stability for longer. The high level of elasticity ensures flexibility and compressive strength, so the boards can be walked on without leaving indentations. And while other insulation boards can absorb water over time – making them heavier and reducing thermal performance – IKO enertherm’s low long-term water absorption rate (<0.6%) means it avoids these problems, while also being resistant to rot and mould.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for merchants and contractors is IKO enertherm’s versatility. Easy to store and transport, its lightweight handling, on and offsite, makes IKO enertherm ideal for new build and refurbishment projects. The boards can be installed onto a concrete, wood or steel substrate, and the wide range of applications means less waste and less hassle for contractors, who only need to carry one product for insulation across a property. The ease of installation opens up more potential projects, too. It’s a solution for almost every insulation project.