IKO Permascreed – Fast-Track, Versatile, Mastic Asphalt Screeding Solution

IKO Permascreed Stills - Charger

IKO Permascreed mastic asphalt screed is manufactured in the UK from selected bitumen’s, limestone filler and specially graded aggregates. It is designed to provide drainage falls as well as a stable base for the specified roof waterproofing system.

Versatile screed for roofing and drainage falls

IKO Permascreed can be applied at a wide range of thicknesses (minimum 10mm) and falls, usually on in-situ and pre-cast concrete bases. It is suitable for insulated warm roofs, inverted roofs, green roofs and balcony or terrace applications:

  • Rapid cooling
  • Fast-track application – avoids extended curing time associated with wet screeds
  • Ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects
  • Can be trafficked or covered as soon as it has cooled to ambient temperature
  • Provides temporary roof waterproofing
  • Avoids the need for separate vapour control layer
  • Can be laid to a wide range of falls and thicknesses (minimum thickness 10mm at low points)
  • Does not require compaction
  • Easily worked around roof protrusions