IKO #NoMorePotholes Ducks Go Viral

Motorbase sponsor IKO PLC #NoMorePotholes campaign has gone viral on Twitter, with hundreds of people getting on-board to help raise awareness of the UK’s pothole crisis.

#NoMorePotholes highlights the problems potholes cause, examines why repairs aren’t working and drives awareness of long-lasting, cost-effective solutions. To mark the campaign’s first anniversary this February, IKO gave away 50 ducks free via @ikoplc – but after being inundated with requests many more ducks have been ‘released’.

The ducks have garnered a lot of press coverage in trade and regional consumer press. Even councillors and MPs – and the Monster Raving Looney Party! – have got involved by requesting ducks and tweeting photos of them in potholes up and down the country.

Andy Williamson, Managing Director of IKO UK Group says: “Year on year we’re seeing the same potholes appearing, getting fixed and reappearing shortly afterwards in a never-ending cycle. Councils use a quick-to-apply traditional material which doesn’t last. A costly, ineffective process, it wastes taxpayer’s money and endangers road-users, while there are existing materials that could be used. Mastic asphalt is a better, longer-lasting, more cost-effective alternative that is already being used on crack repairs, resurfacing and more – it could transform UK roads and save money.

“If you’re concerned about potholes join our campaign and help make a difference, one duck at a time!”

To request your own free #NoMorePotholes duck, message IKO on Twitter @ikoplc or email marketing.uk@iko.com.