Mastic Asphalt For Shopping Centre Car Parks: All You Need To Know

Mastic asphalt is a tough and durable waterproof membrane, with proven longevity. It is extensively used on car parks as well as bridges and other types of structural decks. The ideal material for retail centre car parks, it is high quality, long-lasting and low maintenance.

In January 2008, UK mastic asphalt became the first industry in the world to achieve the CarbonZero™ standard. To achieve CarbonZero™ status, the UK mastic asphalt industry is effectively taxing itself in the interest of the environment. Individual companies have taken this route before but for an entire industry, this was a world first. Working with CO2balance, IKO ensures its mastic asphalt carbon emissions are offset through a selection of projects, including supplying energy-saving stoves for villages in Kenya and the rehabilitation of boreholes in Northern Uganda, supplying families with clean water.

IKO Permapark is a specially formulated mastic asphalt waterproofing and surfacing system for elevated vehicle decks, pedestrian walkways and access ramps. It uses advanced polymer technology for long-term durability, increased fatigue resistance, improved temperature stability and ease of installation. IKO Permapark is carbon neutral and 100% recyclable. BBA certified with a service life of at least 20 years, it also has excellent fire-resistant properties.

IKO is also a member of the British Parking Association, and is experienced in solving problems associated with heavily used car parks. IKO has worked with companies such as Radflex Contract Services, the expansion joint specialist, on a number of projects over many years.

Radflex Business Development Manager Jeff Jones comments: “IKO Permapark is a premier waterproofing system for car parks. Its durability and flexibility means it works well with expansion joints, allowing for the natural movement of the building.”

Manufactured in IKO’s factory at Grangemill, IKO Permapark is delivered ready to lay, in 18-tonne hot charge tankers. This process ensures the mix is more consistent for a better quality, easier-to-lay asphalt. It also saves time, reduces costs and benefits the environment as there’s no secondary heating and melting needed on site; making it a much safer and quicker process. It comes with a 20-year warranty on car parks and is installed by trained, experienced asphalters.


John Lewis, Basingstoke (December 2015)

This project was an 11,000m2 roof-top parking deck at the combined Waitrose Supermarket and John Lewis at Home store in Basingstoke. Muse Developments, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council’s regeneration partner, appointed Bowmer and Kirkland (B&K) for the Basing View business area, where the store was built. B&K turned to BriggsAmasco initially to develop the plans for the car park into a viable scheme and subsequently to deliver the thermal insulation, lightweight concrete, and the IKO Permapark waterproofing and wearing courses on the roof deck parking area. Given the clients’ and tenants’ requirements, the proposed specification and finish meant that quality, user friendliness and longevity were all top priorities.

M&S, Cheshire Oaks (November 2011)

This project was part of the M&S green flagship store. The store has won numerous awards and accolades for its green credentials. It’s the largest green store M&S has built, and the second largest store in the entire M&S portfolio. The parking areas are permeable to allow for water harvesting. Its south-facing elevation is covered in greenery to encourage wildlife diversity, with bird boxes installed where possible. The car park also provides electric car charging points and cycle parking for all store visitors.

Marcus Lee, Sales Director of IKO PLC’s Specification Division, comments: “Environmental impact is a major consideration on all projects. Improving the environmental performance of our factories and products and responsible sourcing are two key issues for us. We address these at all stages, from manufacture to delivery; recycling raw materials, reducing packaging, cutting energy and water consumption and monitoring logistics, so IKO Permapark was the perfect material for this green flagship store.”

The main contractor was Simons Group and the architect was Aukett Fitzroy Robinson. IKO and Radflex Contract Services were involved in the construction of the 950-space car park connected to the store. Mastic asphalt was chosen as the waterproofing membrane as it offers a carbon neutral rating, with Radflex movement joints providing the best linkage available to support the performance of the asphalt.

M&S, Matlock (May 2016)
IKO was shortlisted for the British Parking Awards for refurbishing the deck of a 4,000m² multi-storey car park of another M&S store in Matlock. Nominated in the Best Car Park Refurbishment category, the installation took just five weeks, with an average of 800m² IKO Permapark mastic asphalt laid per week.

CJL of Belfast was appointed as the main contractor to refurbish the car park deck to the rear of the store, with Rio Asphalt as the sub-contractor laying IKO Permapark. The specification prioritised a high-quality finish, longevity and a surface that was easy and quick to lay. For more information visit:

Castlegate, Stockton-on-Tees (2010)

Castlegate is the largest covered shopping centre in Stockton-on-Tees. This 6.5 acre site dominates the high street and attracts over 12 million visitors a year. The on-site roof-top car park provides parking for over 800 vehicles including designated disabled parking bays. The contractor was Tucker & Tunstalls working with Radflex Contract Services.

IKO was approached by the client, who had been very happy with a previous phase of the shopping centre car park that had been successfully resurfaced with IKO Permapark. The new project involved stripping the existing coverings from the 7,000m2 roof-top car park and resurfacing it with the polymer-modified mastic asphalt waterproofing and surfacing system, with the addition of Radflex expansion joints to strengthen the surface. To ensure minimum disruption the contractors carried out all works during nightshifts, allowing the car park to operate during the day and visitors to continue using the shopping centre.

The Mander Centre, Wolverhampton

This project involved resurfacing the entire roof-top car park to add the necessary parking spaces for additional large retail units created by the remodelling of the shopping centre. The car park covers around 11,000m2, with 500+ spaces, and the project involved the removal and reinstatement of around 1,350 tonnes of mastic asphalt.

Particular attention was given to adapting the car park to suit the new Debenhams anchor store. Like the M&S Cheshire Oaks development, the project was carbon neutral. IKO’s Permapark system was suitable, as it’s the only product for waterproofing and surfacing that can be totally carbon offset. The project was completed by Rio Asphalt & Paving Co Ltd, using IKO Permapark and IKO Permascreed, and also included replacement of structural expansion joints by Radflex Contract Services Ltd. The work was carried out while the car park was still open to shoppers, and completed in sections (approx. 60 spaces at a time). Appropriate signage and fencing was put up so shoppers were in no doubt as to where work was taking place.

With safety in mind, work was scheduled so that the majority of hot material was laid between 5am and 8am to avoid peak periods of shopper visits. IKO’s purpose-built asphalt luggers ensured all hot materials were transported safely in sealed units to the point of laying, with flashing beacons to constantly warn people of potential hazards.

Ian Deacon, Managing Director of Rio Asphalt, says: “The IKO Permapark system is ideal for use in this situation as we could apply the waterproofing membrane directly onto IKO Permascreed after just an hour’s wait. This ensured the shopping complex was kept waterproofed from the outset, which is not always possible with alternative materials that require a longer drying period.”