Builders Merchant News Awards – Achiever of the Year (2018) Sponsorship

IKO BMN Awards Feb 18

The success of a business is a team effort, but sometimes there is an individual who stands out. Someone who goes to lengths beyond what is asked of them for the good of everyone else. It should go without saying that loving what you do and doing it well should be rewarded and celebrated – that’s what the Achiever of the Year award aims to do.

Last year’s winner, Dai Thomas, Operations Manager of LBS Builders Merchants in Wales, drove refurbishments of 10 LBS branches with the express purpose of creating a more customer-friendly shopping experience, all in just 18 months. This fast-paced and customer-centric project could only be achieved with the diligence of a hands-on manager.

IKO’s approach is similar to Dai’s; we believe passionately in making things easier and better for our customers, throughout the supply chain. For example, the IKO Easyseal Self-Adhesive system, launched last year, consists of five high-performance membranes that can be applied to small roofs on garages, porches and extensions and used on larger commercial projects. It’s quick, clean and easy to install, and can be totally flame-free, or used with a Torch-On cap sheet. It’s good for contractors and good for merchants too.

All of our products are designed with our customers in mind and we work diligently around the clock to innovate, and to strive for and promote best practice (including Safe2Torch). That’s how we are able to make a difference to customers. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the Achiever of the Year Award.

Paul Owen, Divisional Director – Distribution, IKO PLC