On the Right Track with IKO Road Repair Systems


Do you rely on the roads? Most people do – almost all journeys begin and end on a local road. Yet all too often, our roads are blighted by unsightly and sometimes dangerous potholes which can cause injury to cyclists and severe damage to vehicles.

In 2016/17, councils in England and Wales repaired an average of 13,468 potholes at a cost of £49-£72 each and paid out £6million in compensation according to the 2017 Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey. The research also found that local authorities and utility companies are spending £207milllion each year on repairing faulty ironwork installations such as manhole covers, inspection chambers and gullies.

This is why IKO has developed and refined their range of Highway reinstatement systems, comprising of IKO Permatrack for repairing potholes and other road failures alongside IKO Pacopatch specifically for ironworks reinstatement.

IKO Permatrack

Our BBA/HAPAS 02/H072 certified IKO Permatrack is an advanced bituminous surfacing repair and protection system for bridges, highways and infrastructure projects and is ideal for bridge deck surfacing, bridge expansion joints, the reinstatement of ironworks, repairing reflective cracking in tarmac or concrete and transitional joints. IKO Permatrack is flexible, versatile, waterproof and significant cost savings can be achieved due to its ease of maintenance.

Unlike other forms of road repair, IKO Permatrack contains mastic asphalt and is therefore voidless. This means that it is able to withstand the freeze and thaw cycle common to Britain in the winter months where other products would simply crumble away. The minimum guarantee of five years (a condition of BBA/HAPAS certification) means you can be confident the road repair won’t need replacing again in just a few months’ time, saving you both time and money.

IKO Permatrack was used on the busy A55 road between Chester and Caernarvon as the client was having to make frequent repairs which was becoming costly. Andrew Skipper, Director of RAB Associates who worked on the project said: “We believe that IKO Permatrack provided the most cost effective and long-term solution available on the market offering local authorities and Highways Agencies an unparalleled combination of whole-life costing and long term structural integrity.”

IKO Pacopatch

IKO Pacopatch is a long-lasting mastic asphalt system designed to reinstate failing surfaces surrounding manholes, drainage gullies and other public utilities ironworks. It is CE Marking certified (0836-CPR-14/F082) and comes with a five-year guarantee which means you can be confident you will get long-term road reinstatement installation every time – no costly second visits.

Like IKO Permatrack, IKO Pacopatch is a no void system; the impermeable mastic asphalt solution removes the freeze-thaw cycle that is responsible for much of the damage to our roads. IKO Pacopatch also avoids the need for compaction, which means no damage to ironwork seating. The speed and ease of installation means that the product can be installed in under 30 minutes – eliminating the need for expensive and lengthy road closures.

IKO Pacopatch has a long-track record of being specified by local authorities and utility companies across the country since 2001. Ian Smith, Area Manager at KierWSP, Northamptonshire Highways commented:

“Over a period of 15 years we have reinstated circa 10,000 pieces of failed road ironworks using IKO Pacopatch across the county with no recorded problems”.

Both IKO Permatrack and IKO Pacopatch are manufactured in Grangemill, Derbyshire. The plant is accredited to ISO Quality Assurance Scheme to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction products, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and also operates Carbon Zero Standards.

To find out how IKO can help with your next road repairs project, contact the Technical Team today on 01257 256 864 or email technical.uk@iko.com