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So what is Fix That Hut all About?

The campaign seeks out village halls, community centres, scouts huts and other buildings at the heart of local communities in need of repair or refurbishment and provides them with free roofing and waterproofing materials.

The campaign was launched in 2006 after the company pledged materials to help the Antarctic Heritage trust restore Captain Scott’s Hut, which to this day we continue to support.
IKO’s materials were originally used in the construction of Scott’s Hut in 1911. Since the launch the campaign has gone from strength to strength.

Contractor’s benefits

The Fix That Hut campaign aims to benefit all parties involved. The users of the building are obvious beneficiaries, however, due to the support which IKO PLC gives in the form of goodwill PR, local contractors involved in repair work can also benefit.

Distributors and independent merchants, acting as a local drop-off and pick-up point also see the advantage of being part of a worthy cause with several local news stories featuring the collection of materials by builders from merchants’ yards. Overall, the combined effect is of an industry coming together to help the community.

The Fix That Hut campaign builds on IKO’s expertise and heritage, both within the manufacture and supply of construction products, as well as within the wider community.

The Fix That Hut campaign continues to go from strength to strength with online submission available for projects in need of a roof. Contractors and other readers who know of potential deserving projects are encouraged to visit the website and nominate buildings which could benefit.

While the campaign cannot promise to help every nominated project, all suggestions are carefully considered and IKO’s team will visit and assess the more likely projects.

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