Mastic Asphalt – A Super Versatile Construction Material

Mastic Asphalt Projects

Mastic Asphalt Projects

What is Mastic Asphalt?

Mastic Asphalt is an ideal building material for a whole range of construction applications, both new build and refurbishment projects, where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required. It offers total waterproofing for roofing and tanking and acts as a tough working surface in flooring and paving. If properly designed and laid it should be capable of lasting 50-60 years. As well as this, it is also fully recyclable.

The History of Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt is one of the world’s most traditional construction materials and has continued to develop with the times, even in today’s hi-tech building industry.

Mastic Asphalt products comprise of suitably graded limestone aggregates bound together with asphaltic cement which is primarily refined bitumens. This produces a dense, voidless material. However, it cannot be compacted, and is spread by means of a hand float, rather than being rolled. This can be laid on site by two methods, asphalt blocks that can be melted down or it can be delivered molten in a hot charge transporter.

What Can I Use Mastic Asphalt for?

Mastic asphalt can be used as external tanking, internal tanking and other special applications such as tank linings. It is important to take into consideration the foundations that the mastic asphalt will be laid. Some other considerations is the surface preparation, in order to have a long lasting and quality job the surface should be level and free from irregularities. As well as the site should be kept dry until the below ground works have been completed.

If you are completing any small scale flooring projects such as schools, offices and domestic projects, or even large scale projects such as hospital wards, shop floors and factories then Mastic Asphalt is perfect for you! It can be laid over many different structural bases such as concrete, metal flooring and timber boarding. If you are looking for a stylish and modern flooring finish, IKO Terrazzo Mastic Asphalt is for you, the IKO Terrazzo flooring reveals the aggregate and is available in a range of different colours. IKO Terrazzo has a rapid curing time and once it has been installed it is low maintenance with a polished or matte finish.

Paving and Balconies
By incorporating Mastic Asphalt as paving it offers an excellent wearing course material and a hard-wearing surface suitable for car parks, HGV service decks and bridge decks. Durability and versatility makes it an ideal waterproof covering for areas subjected to regular foot traffic. It can be laid as the surface finish or beneath promenade tiles or paving slabs. There are many features and benefits such as the excellent wearing properties, the long-term durability and the great slip resistance. Some paving applications include, cars and light vehicle traffic, HGV service decks and ramps.

General flat roofing
It can be applied to form a continuous waterproof covering over flat, sloped or curved surfaces. It can be worked around pipes, roof lights and other projections to provide a completely seam free membrane.Some common uses are: most types of roof decks such as concrete, timber and profile metal. As it is super versatile it can also be used on insulated warm roofs, un-insulated cold roofs and inverted roof specifications. Mastic Asphalt can be used as a screed for roofing, IKO Permascreed eliminates the need for a vapour control layer, has a long life expectancy and is fast curing to save time!

Why Should I Choose IKO Permaphalt (Mastic Asphalt Roofing)?

IKO Permaphalt is manufactured in the UK under the BS EN ISO 9001 and BES 6001 Quality Assurance Scheme. Not only this, it has also been BBA certified since 1989 and has long term durability.

With its advanced polymer formulation it makes it the perfect choice for any roofing application. It offers low temperature flexibility, high temperature stability and long term durability.

Any roofing system which includes IKO Permaphalt achieves the highest fire performance ratings, improves acoustic performance and offers proven performance when laid over modern thermal insulation materials.

A further major benefit for larger projects is how fast it can be laid at speed when supplied to site in bulk by hot charge transporters and insulated dumpers. It can be delivered to site direct from the factory for instant installation. By this method, one 18 tonne hot charge delivery vehicle can supply enough IKO Permaphalt to lay 360m² of material to a depth of 20mm. This ensures that a roof can be quickly and efficiently waterproofed allowing other trades on site, often within hours.

Many design possibilities
The extensive possibilities offers the architect more scope for design opportunities. Because it is totally seamless, it is ideal for roof gardens, paved areas, leisure complexes or any situation where general aesthetics have to be combined with good waterproofing. Furthermore, it is an exceptionally versatile material which can be moulded to follow any shape or contour.

Durability and stability
IKO Permaphalt has improved high temperature stability and is more flexible at low temperatures than conventional Mastic Asphalt. When fully protected and subject to normal service conditions, it will perform for the design life of the roof on which it is incorporated.

Resistance to loading and foot traffic
The Mastic Asphalt can accept, without damage, limited foot traffic and light concentrated loads associated with installation and maintenance operations. However, where access exceeding this is envisaged, more attention should be taken over the thickness and surface protection specified.

A Typical IKO Permaphalt Build Up


1 Substrate Deck

2 IKO Vapour Control Layer

3 IKO Enertherm Insulation

4 IKO Sheathing Felt

5 IKO Permaphalt

UV Layer

6 Solar Reflective Paint