Guarantees – Let IKO Cover You On School Roof Guarantees

Portslade Academy, Brighton

Roofing guarantees are designed to provide clients with peace of mind should things go wrong, but ensuring you get the right cover can be tricky. To make matters worse, an inadequate guarantee often only comes to light when it is too late. The consequences of a project going wrong that involves a school can be especially severe. IKO can help you navigate this legal minefield – read on for our top tips.

At IKO we offer a cost-effective, singular roofing solution when preparing and delivering CIF funded projects. Our guarantees offer vast coverage and you have rest assured in the knowledge that it is held with a UK company. Get in touch with us to partner with an experienced company ready to take your problems away:

Get the right roofing specification

What does it cover?
There is a myriad of different options when it comes to guarantees for roofing projects and each covers different things, for example cover for materials, workmanship, design, consequential loss and contractor insolvency. Before signing any paperwork, check your guarantee covers what it needs to – never assume something is included.

What type of insurance is provided?
Check what type of insurance is provided. There are a number of different kinds available: professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, product liability insurance, latent defects insurance and insurance backed guarantee. Ensure you have the appropriate level of cover for your project.

Financial Stability
It is also recommended to look into the financial stability of all parties involved with the guarantee. If one of the parties becomes insolvent and ceases trading, this could present a major headache for everyone involved, not to mention a very unhappy client. Don’t be afraid to do your research and ask for testimonials from past clients before agreeing to work with a new company.

Check the small print
When time is limited, it can be tempting to skip over the small print. That is why IKO offers a comprehensive range of insurance backed single-point guarantees which cover workmanship defects, material quality, performance issues and design implementation. We’ll ensure that in the unlikely event something does go wrong, any matters will be resolved.

Let us know your requirements today and we’ll resolve your school roofing issues.

Get the right roofing specification