I Need Help (With My School Roof), Fast!

Is You School Roof Dangerous

So you’ve identified a problem with your roof, what next?

It can be difficult knowing where to start – here are some things to look out for when partnering with a manufacturer to repair or conduct maintenance on your roof:

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Health and Safety

Protecting all pupils, staff and contractors from the potential dangers a construction site presents should be the top priority in any project, regardless of its size. This is required by law under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (2015). Check your proposed manufacturer takes their health and safety responsibilities seriously before agreeing any programme of work.


Both you and your chosen manufacturer should work together, drawing on your respective areas of expertise to produce the best solutions for your school within your budgetary constraints.


Never agree to commence work before a full survey of the building’s waterproofing envelope has been completed. The manufacturer should provide a detailed report with recommendations for repairs and replacements.


Any design produced by the manufacturer should be bespoke to your school’s individual requirements, designing out fire risks as much as possible.


Consider the quality of materials proposed by the manufacturer as well as the guarantees offered and the pool of contractors available. Do they meet your specific needs?


Make sure your work is carried out by trained and approved contractors who have a proven track record of installing your chosen roofing system within a school environment. A schedule of work should be agreed between both parties to minimise disruption during school hours.


Planned visits and inspections before, during and after project completion should be carried out to monitor the quality of work and adherence to deadlines.


Different manufacturers provide different guarantees depending on the products used – make sure any guarantee you are offered meets your specific requirements. You don’t want to find out you don’t have adequate cover when it’s too late!

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FREE school roof condition evaluation and report