Is My Academy Roofing Specification Correct?

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Writing a roof specification can be challenging, especially for a school building where the consequences of getting it wrong are especially serious. With so many things to think about, how can you be sure you’re on the right track?

At IKO we are experienced in producing quality and successful CIF funding bids for Schools and Academy Trusts. We are a one-stop solution with all our products having BBA certification, installed by local and national roofing contractors. We are the only manufacturer using Roofscan® as a supporting tool to assist with bids. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you:

Get the right roofing specification

Current roof condition
Your specification must be clear about the condition of the existing roof. This means conducting a full survey to include a comprehensive written report which includes core samples and photography. Be sure to state whether the roof meets current standards and if not, what changes are required to be made to bring it up to standard. All recommended works should be priced. But only priced on what repairs are required and no more!
An extensive survey of the roof’s condition should reveal whether there are any parts of the roof that are salvageable – be honest with your client if this happens.

Thermal insulation
All new buildings and large-scale refurbishment projects must meet the thermal requirements of Approved Document Part L of the Building Regulations. Care must be taken to specify appropriate insulation to prevent condensation and damp.

Sills and thresholds are common design challenges in older buildings, which often require additional insulation. This can increase the overall height of the building, which often means window and door thresholds need to be raised too.

The newly raised height of the building may mean that a fascia board is required in order to protect the perimeter edges of the roof system. It is far easier to check this at the design and specification stage rather than having to go back and correct it later.

Edge protection
Edge protection to prevent falls should always be considered when writing the specification for any roofing project, but even more so when the site is a school. School roofs need regular maintenance to ensure they remain fit for purpose so a safe route with appropriate edge protection that allows access to the roof whilst also discouraging pupils from attempting to retrieve stray footballs, tennis balls, frisbees, coats, hats, jackets, jumpers, lunch boxes and the occasional teddy is essential.
These are just some of the many things that you need to consider when writing a specification for a school refurbishment project. But don’t panic, this is where IKO can help.

Don’t leave it to chance
With so much resting on your specification, don’t leave it to chance – enlist the help of the IKO Technical team who will help you ensure your project passes Building Control inspection first time, without the need for any costly and time-consuming remedial works. Let us know your requirements and how we can help.

Get the right roofing specification