Alconbury Timelapse Video

IKO Insulations - Alconbury

2018 has been another exciting year in the history of IKO as we opened our first insulation plant in the UK. The new factory is an all-round ‘good news’ story representing a significant investment that is making a large contribution to the construction industry and the local community – creating up to 160 jobs in the area.

The end product is PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation boards to be used in cavity walls, external walls, floors, and of course roofs and more, helping make buildings more energy efficient reducing carbon emissions and cutting fuel bills. The factory has the capacity to produce insulation for approximately 40,000 homes a year which will go a long way towards achieving the Climate Change Act’s current target of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Alconbury by Numbers

1. Situated on 60,000 square meter site, the equivalent of 3,321 tennis courts
2. Warehouse number 1, could house 31 Vickers Wellington Bombers
3. Production Hall will manufacture enough insulation capable of insulating 40,000 homes for the year
4. 8 Storage Tanks hold enough liquid to fill 23 and a half swimming pools
5. 12 months construction project