Finding your way through Condition Improvement Funding (CIF Registration)

Dates for CIF - Schools and Academies

There can be a lot of pressure to successfully guide a client through the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) registration process but IKO is here to help. Here are our top tips:

At IKO we are currently working with a whole host of schools and academy trusts up and down the country, supporting them in their bids for CIF funding. Not only that but we are the only manufacturer using Roofscan® as a supporting tool to assist with bids. So get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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Meeting deadlines

Before commencing any CIF funding registration process, ensure both you and your client can meet the deadlines. Taking the time to complete the application well increases the chances of being awarded funding and a rushed application is unlikely to be successful.

What does CIF cover?

It is also important to be clear from the outset what can and can’t be funded using CIF. Small changes to the funding process from one year to the next may scupper an application – this is where IKO can assist in ensuring there are no unforeseen complications.

CIF registration assessment criteria

A good CIF application will include a comprehensive written report of the current condition of the roof and explain the need for any repairs or replacement. Remember that ‘need’ makes up of 70% of the assessment criteria for determining allocation of CIF funding so it’s crucial to get this right.

However, it is important that in making the strongest case possible for your client, you do not exaggerate or be dishonest in your application. There is no harm in asking for a second opinion if there is something you are unsure about – IKO can provide this technical expertise.

Workmanship and materials

You should also think about who will carry out the work and what materials they will use. If putting the project out to a tender via a portal, consider setting clear criteria to limit the pool to appropriate contractors for the job within your client’s budgetary restraints.

Another option is to consider using a specific manufacturer’s network of approved contractors. These contractors are likely to be covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee, providing your client with peace of mind and a greater chance of being successful in their funding application by proving the proposed work represents value for money.

IKO has helped to successfully guide many applicants through the CIF registration process. Our experienced advisers are on hand to provide any help you may need – Let us know your requirements and how we can help.

Get the right roofing specification