Warning – Is Your School’s Roof Dangerous?


Your school buildings are one of your most important assets so it makes sense to take care of them. Here are some things you should look out for when assessing the condition of your school’s roof and applying for condition improvement funding (CIF).

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Loose material and foreign objects

Deterioration of the roof over time may mean loose materials gathering on the roof surface which could fall at any time, risking injury to pupils and staff.

Inadequate or no edge protection

School roofs can often be dangerous places to work due to insufficient or absent edge protection. Adding railings can help reduce the risk of maintenance workers or contractors falling.

Roof light dangers

It is common for flat roofs to have roof lights to allow natural light to flood in to the building below. However, it is easy to forget that roof lights need proper maintenance. Failure to do so could lead to someone falling through a dilapidated rooflight which could be fatal.

Trip hazards

As well as loose material, exposed wiring, aerials, vents or an uneven roof surface can all present roof hazards which could result in roof damage, personal injury or even a fall from the roof.

Unstable and ageing roofing material

Flat roofs can be deceiving – a roof that looks fine on the outside can mask serious problems underneath, such as degradation of roofing material which can result in a roof collapse if left unchecked.

Poor or unsecure access points 

Finally, consider how the roof is accessed. It can be tempting for pupils to retrieve stray footballs if a roof looks easy to access – leading to a potentially dangerous situation of an untrained person becoming trapped on the roof structure.

It can be difficult to identify and mitigate these hazards, so why not enlist a professional to help? IKO can provide a free, no-obligation roof survey to assist with your CIF funding application. Put your bid application in the safest of hands by getting in touch with us.

FREE school roof condition evaluation and report