Achieving Fully Compliant Specifications


Keeping up-to-date with changes to legislation can be a challenging task, but it’s vitally important to make sure that any roofing project large or small remains compliant to any and all changes in Building Regulations, British Standards and Construction Regulations.

Following the heightened awareness of fires within buildings and on roofs, clients are becoming increasingly aware of the need to use materials with appropriate fire protection (covered under Part B of the Building Regulations). Questions are now being asked on whose responsibility it is to ensure buildings are safe and who should be accountable if things go wrong.

Add to this the NFRC’s guidance on safe working practices when it comes to working with an open flame during roof installations. While not a legal requirement, the Safe2Torch campaign is an important framework of best practice for all roofers and aims to eliminate the risks associated with installing and drying out roofs using torches.

Following all these regulations may sound daunting, but IKO can help you make your roofing projects fully compliant with all the latest legislation. Our specialist knowledge can help you feel at ease, especially on complex builds and around those areas that may be unsafe to use a torch, so together we can get the job done right ,first time and more importantly safely and within legislation.