What is IKO Enertherm VIP?

VIP Build Up

An insualtion board that is minimal in height, but with no loss in insulation value.

IKO enertherm VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panels) is a rigid vacuum insulation panel with a microporous core which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas tight envelope. These features give the VIP insulation outstanding thermal properties with the thinnest possible solution to insulation problems. A pre-bonded protective layer underneath the insulation offers superior product protection from punctures and rips as well as giving a streamlined installation.

If you are looking for the optimum insulating performance for balconies and terraces IKO enertherm VIP is specifically designed for where there is a requirement for both low U-values and the thinnest possible construction build-up.

Features and Benefits
IKO enertherm VIP more than an optimum performance rigid vacuum insulation panel. It is great for where build-up space is limited. It also comes with a pre-bonded protective layer offering superior product protection and helping streamline the installation. Where lack of construction depth or space is an issue such as on a balcony, IKO enertherm VIP offer the flexibility of minimum depth and maximum insulation. Due to the nature of the insulation board being pre-bonded it saves on labour as it is ready to be installed.

An excellent feature is the system is over 90% recyclable by weight. Whether you are looking to use IKO enertherm VIP in a refurbishment project or new build project the system is ideal on a large or small scale. As well as all of these benefits IKO enertherm VIP comes with the option of having a bespoke drawing scheme for every project, produced by our in-house IKO Technical Department.

Design Service:
The IKO enertherm VIP Insulation System comes with a supporting design service which ensures the schematic layout of the IKO enertherm VIP Panels to the IKO enertherm XPS Infill Board required for each project, fits first time, reducing the need for amendments on-site.

The IKO enertherm VIP scheme layout will be designed illustrating the size, number and location of the IKO enertherm VIP Panels. It will also illustrate the location of IKO enertherm XPS Infill Board that are used around perimeter edges and openings, such as roof lights and rainwater outlets.

IKO can also provide design for the potential of condensation risk in accordance with BS5250 (Code of Practice for Control of Condensation in Buildings).










Standard Dimensions:

Nominal Dimension Availability
Length (mm) 300 – 1200
Width (mm) 300 – 600
Insulant Thickness (mm) 20, 25, 30, 40, 50


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