Tech Talk – Choose Sustainable This Year

Get 2019 off to the right start by taking time to think about where your products come from. IKO manufactures the majority of its products from the four UK-based factories which means they don’t need to travel thousands of miles to reach you and fewer harmful CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere as a result.

What about the manufacturing process itself? There are plenty of options available so it pays to investigate these. For example, IKOslate is made from 99% recycled car parts and customer feedback suggests that knowing this product is sustainable helps give them peace of mind.

We know it can be difficult to keep on top of all the latest innovations which is why IKO is here to help and provide all the information you require on our products via the IKO website – from Technical Data Sheets to BBAs and DoPs. Get in touch with IKO today and we’ll help keep you sustainable throughout 2019!