IKO Values

IKO have identified these 6 Values as playing a vital role in IKO’s history. These values remain essential for the personal and professional development of all our stakeholders and for the continued success and growth of the IKO Group, forming a fundamental part of our culture, which makes us such a unique organisation.

Building on a rich and varied history and expertise, it is through these Values that IKO aim to become the preferred supplier in Roofing, Waterproofing and Insulation. Focussing not just on selling quality products, but also elevating customer experiences at every touch point – operating with integrity and honesty and always making decisions based on the long-term interest of our customers, company and employees.

Our corporate philosophy, vision and values are universal, embraced by all members of our global family.

Agility - IKO Values

We believe that keeping an open mind, considering alternatives, and being prepared to make timely decisions, based on knowledge, experience and sound information, is important to our success..

Humility - IKO Values

We believe that being humble creates an honest, open and respectful interaction between all people, internally and externally, regardless of their role.

Integrity - IKO Values

We believe that by being honest, respectful, responsible and accountable we will meet the expectations of the family.

We believe that every decision must consider the present and future effects on employees, customers and suppliers as well as the continued success of the organization.

Performance - IKO Values

We believe that by continuously challenging ourselves to improve everything we do, we will provide superior value to everyone.

We believe that working together to share knowledge and insights in an environment of teamwork and operational excellence will result in the best value proposition for customers and a healthy work environment for employees.