Corporate Social Responsibility

The IKO brand has been built on a foundation of quality and an ethos of customer service which permeates through the organisation. IKO actively promotes its unwavering commitment to sustainability and continues to invest in sustainable ways of manufacturing, production and distribution.

Below are just some of the practices that help IKO PLC Set the Standard in Corporate Social Responsibility.


Recycling Increase

Across the group IKO have been working hard to increase the volume of recycling produced. This means we can recycle or re-use tonnes of material each year that would otherwise be wasted, whilst also reducing the amount of material that needs to be transported so cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Zero Waste to Landfill

During 2016 the Appley Bridge site worked closely with a locally based waste company to redirect non-recyclable waste from landfill into ‘refuse derived fuel’, this means that not only do IKO no longer send waste to landfill but this material is used to provide greener energy.


BBA Certification

BBA certification (British Board of Agrément)
is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of excellence and reassurance which is why IKO is committed to manufacturing and supplying products and systems that meet certification criteria of the highest quality.

To date IKO has 48 BBA approved products
and systems, some of which span the 50 year history of the BBA itself.

ISO Transitions

During 2016 IKO supplemented the BES 6001 certification that was already held at Appley Bridge and Grangemill with certification at Clay Cross.

In addition, 2016 saw the transition from the old ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard to the new 2015 standard at both the Grangemill and Appley Bridge sites with Clay Cross following in 2017. Attaining these certifications is an important step in establishing management systems to reduce environmental impact, helping IKO to continually improve.

All three manufacturing plants also hold ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

Lucideon ISO14001
BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing
BSI ISO 9001 - Quality Management


The waterproofing systems manufactured by IKO help specifiers and clients to achieve sustainable and energy efficient buildings with high BREEAM ratings, meeting the standards of today’s modern construction.

Energy Consumption

Energy Reduction

On average IKO have achieved a reduction of 7% in electricity usage across the group; gas usage is down by 10% on previous years. By reducing the incoming voltage to the Appley Bridge site IKO now uses less electricity and minimises wear and tear on machinery, creating less electrical waste and CO2 consumption in the manufacturing process.


Through CO2balance, IKO provides a mastic asphalt solution with no discernible carbon footprint. As part of this scheme, the CO2 that is generated as a result of manufacturing, delivering and installing mastic asphalt is offset through a system of self-impose levies. The money raised is then used to help support a range of global environmental initiatives, such as providing energy efficient cooking stoves to Kenyan communities.

During 2016 IKO offset the equivalent in CO2 emission to driving round the World 162 times – 1,377.29 tonnes!

Insulation Plant

In 2016 IKO announced the building of an insulation plant in Alconbury. Not only will this bring jobs to the area both in construction and manufacturing, but by producing this product in the UK, IKO will be less reliant on European imports, driving down CO2 emissions from transport. As an insulating material, the products manufactured will help domestic and commercial clients in reducing their bills, their carbon footprint and reducing carbon emissions.

Learning and Development

IKO is committed to employee development with a key ethos on learning, equating to an uplift of 18% from the previous year.

During 2016 IKO enrolled 11 apprentices in a variety of different positions including technical and engineering over three of
the four manufacturing plants, with 18 further employees undertaking NVQ’s.

An internal Management Development Programme (MDP) has been designed to enhance existing and develop new
management skills, assisting managers throughout IKO to get the most out of working with their teams.


Over the past few years IKO has invested significantly in the Health and Safety of employees and have seen positive reductions in lost time and first aid injury cases. During 2016, IKO has improved guarding standards across all manufacturing sites and enhanced the infrastructure for training and development.

Implementation of ‘5S’ systems at all sites to improve efficiency and housekeeping standards is helping to reduce the potential for injuries;

  • Slips / trips / fall injuries reduced by 50%
  • Lost time injuries reduced by 37% with
    lost days reducing by 49%
  • Increased near miss reporting by over
    200%, highlighting problems and fixing
    them before they become accidents
  • Group wide audit scheme has been implemented to highlight issues and
    action plans put in place
  • Invested in safety training to IOSH
    approved standards at management and operational levels.

‘Thinking globally, acting locally’ is something IKO firmly believe in, assisting local communities in a number of ways.

The Fix That Hut initiative (founded in 2006) invites applications from worthy projects which are at the heart of local communities and in need of roof repair. During 2016 this included the South Liverpool Sea Cadets Unit and Boythorpe Community Centre – where IKO Polymeric staff volunteered to decorate the hall as well as supplying the single ply roofing membrane.

IKO is also proud to be a partner of the Rainy Day Trust; the only charity which exists solely to help people who have worked in the UK’s construction, home improvement and enhancement industries.

Having strong ties with many local sports and community clubs including Shevington Sharks Rugby Club, Matlock Town FC and Richardsons-Trek Cycling Team, IKO is helping each in ‘Pushing the Limits’ of sporting capabilities as well as supporting Wigan Youth Zone and Kidsafe, a project dedicated to road safety.

An IKO Family Fun Day and support for the local Appley Bridge in Bloom campaign contribute to an ethos of truly working with and within the community.