Corporate Social Responsibility

The IKO brand has been built on a foundation of quality and an ethos of customer service which permeates through the organisation. IKO actively promotes its unwavering commitment to sustainability and continues to invest in sustainable ways of manufacturing, production and distribution.

Below are some of the practices that help IKO PLC set the standard in Corporate Social Responsibility.


Recycling Increase

Across the group IKO have been working hard
to increase the volume of recycling produced.
This means we can recycle or re-use tonnes
of material each year that would otherwise be
wasted, whilst also reducing the amount of
material that needs to be transported, cutting
down on CO2 emissions.

Reducing Waste

During 2017 the Appley Bridge site worked
closely with a locally based waste company to
redirect non-recyclable waste from landfill into
‘refuse derived fuel’, meaning not only do IKO
no longer send waste to landfill, but this material
is used to provide greener energy.
At the same manufacturing plant 26 tonnes of
cardboard, 20 tonnes of paper and 18 tonnes
of plastic were recycled over the year.


BBA Certification

BBA certification (British Board of Agrément)
is recognised throughout the construction
industry as a symbol of excellence and
reassurance which is why IKO is committed
to manufacturing and supplying products
and systems that meet certification criteria
of the highest quality.

To date IKO has 25 BBA’s covering 52 products
and systems, some of which span the 51 year
history of the BBA itself.

ISO Transitions

IKO continued to improve on certifications
to ISO 14001:2015 with the addition of the
Clay Cross site and Group Certification. Plans
for 2018 include expanding certification to
include the newly built site at Alconbury. By
implementing the measures identified through
certification audits, IKO are reducing the impact
and environmental risk.


The waterproofing systems manufactured by
IKO help specifiers and clients to achieve
sustainable and energy efficient buildings with
high BREEAM ratings, meeting the standards
of today’s modern construction.

Lucideon ISO14001
BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing
BSI ISO 9001 - Quality Management


The waterproofing systems manufactured by
IKO help specifiers and clients to achieve
sustainable and energy efficient buildings with
high BREEAM ratings, meeting the standards
of today’s modern construction.

Energy Consumption

Energy Reduction

IKO have continued to maintain the energy
reduction levels achieved in the past two
years. That equates to a reduction of 7% in
electricity usage across the group, and 10% in
gas usage. By reducing the incoming voltage
to the Appley Bridge site, IKO continues to use
less electricity and minimises wear and tear on
machinery, creating less electrical waste and CO2
consumption in the manufacturing process.

Carbon Zero

Through CO2balance, IKO provides a mastic
asphalt waterproofing solution with no
discernible carbon footprint. As part of this
scheme, the CO2 that is generated as a result
of manufacturing, delivering and installing
mastic asphalt is offset through a system of
self-impose levies. The money raised is then used
to help support a range of global environmental
initiatives, such as providing energy efficient
cooking stoves to Kenyan communities and
fresh water bore hole projects in Uganda.
Since 2015 IKO have offset the equivalent in CO2
emission to driving round the World 453 times –
3,847.86 tonnes!

Learning and Development

IKO is committed to employee development
with a key ethos on learning.

During 2017 IKO enrolled nine apprentices
in a variety of different positions including technical and engineering over the three manufacturing facilities. 19 members of staff across the organisation have now completed their NVQ training and IKO field engineers have achieved Level 3 Education and Training enabling them to train others.

An internal Management Development Programme (MDP) has been designed to enhance existing and develop new management skills, assisting managers throughout IKO to get the most out of
working with their teams.


Over the past few years IKO have invested significantly in the Health and Safety of employees and have seen positive reductions in lost time and first aid injury cases. During 2017, there has been an 8% reduction year on year in accidents across all sites.

Implementation of ‘5S’ systems at all sites to improve efficiency and housekeeping standards is helping to reduce the potential for injuries;

• 25% reduction in manual handling injuries
• 31% increase in near miss reporting
• Over 7,800 hours of safety training completed
• Reduction in lost time injuries


‘Thinking globally, acting locally’ is something IKO firmly believe in, assisting local communities in a number of ways.

The Fix That Hut initiative (founded in 2006) invites applications from worthy projects which are at the heart of local communities and in need of roof repair. During 2017 this included Wigan Sailing Club, The Comrades Club and Team Oasis, a charity activity centre providing children with a safe place to play and learn.

IKO is also proud to be a partner of the Rainy Day Trust and Buildforce as well as an advocate of CRASH, all of which are UK Construction focussed charities.

Having strong ties with many local sports
and community clubs including Shevington Sharks Rugby Club, Matlock Town FC and Richardsons-Trek Cycling Team, IKO is helping each in ‘Pushing the Limits’ of sporting capabilities as well as supporting Wigan Youth Zone and Kidsafe, a project dedicated to road safety.

Support for the local Appley Bridge in Bloom campaign contributed to a level 5 ‘outstanding’ RHS NW Award (the highest possible).