How can a roof purify harmful pollutants?

Pollution is killing 50,000 people a year in the UK according to a recent study*

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IKO Carrara is helping to reduce this statistic

By neutralising sulphur (SO₂) and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) thanks to its Titanium Dioxide (TiO₂), the white granulate finish topping the IKO Carrara Cap Sheet helps to reduce pollutant within the atmosphere.

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  • Every 1,000m² of IKO Carrara can clean pollutants out of the air for every 50 miles driven in a diesel car.
  • IKO Carrara can produce the same atmospheric cleaning benefits as planting 85 trees per 1,000m².
  • Even after 3 years IKO Carrara will still maintain an SRI value of 82!
  • Installing solar panels on an IKO Carrara roof can increase their efficiency by 5%, compared to a standard black roofing membrane…
  • …and an air conditioning unit uses up to 16% less energy consumption during warmer periods.
IKO Carrara, Cooling a Building
Can a roof be cool?

Cooling a building from the top down can reduce energy consumption, cost and helps to regulate temperatures. IKO Carrara can cool a roofing surface up to 30°C better than other roofing membranes.

IKO Carrara, Purifying Pollutants
Purifying harmful pollutants?

Pollution is killing 50,000 people a year in the UK according to a recent study*. IKO Carrara neutralises sulphur (SO₂) and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) thanks to its Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) white granulate finish which can help reduce the pollutants within the atmosphere.

IKO Carrara, Fire Protection
Protecting against roof fires

Graphite Firewall Technology protects buildings and their occupants from the spread of fire externally. IKO Carrara utilises this technology n line with IKO promoting Safe2Torch practices.

IKO Carrara, BRE A+ Rating
BRE A+ roofing membrane

Building materials with an A+ ratings have the lowest overall environmental impact.

IKO Carrara achieves the highest environmental classification – A+, through the BRE Environmental Class system.

Reduce Wastag, IKO Carrara
Renovate and maintain, don’t replace

In 2018 DEFRA reported that the UK construction industry generated 119.7 million tonnes of waste**. IKO Carrara is helping to reduce this statistic by using recycled material.

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A roofing membrane designed to improve the environment

  • Purifies air by converting NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulphur oxide) into harmless environmentally-neutral substances
  • Cool Roof Technology reduces the need for internal cooling systems
  • UV protection for a lower surface temperature, extending service life by at least 5 years
  • Reducing the ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’ – a blanket of hot air above cities
  • Made from recycled materials including regenerated bitumen from old roof coverings
  • 100% green energy is used in the manufacture of IKO Carrara
IKO Carrara-Clongowes Wood College
IKO Carrara - Coolock Library
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Useful Links About IKO Carrara

Here you will find all the information you need on the IKO Carrara Built-Up Roofing System which includes more details about the cap sheet, how it is used within an IKO built-up roofing system and further literature and case studies.

IKO Carrara Roof
web link
Product Page

The IKO Carrara System: find out more about the technology behind IKO Carrara, it’s key components and how the system works. System page»

IKO Carrara Product Page: IKO Carrara is an innovative ecological roofing membrane combining a variety of technologies to help improve the environment: IKO Carrara»


Brochure: .Download the Guide to how IKO Carrara can be utilised as part of a built-up roofing system. Download PDF»

Case Study: 
Coolock Library, Dublin: Download PDF»
Clongowes Wood College Swimming Pool: Download PDF»


Check out the latest blog post about cleaning the air children breathe. Read more»

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Got a Built-Up Roofing Question?

These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about built-up roofing (BUR).

If you’ve got your own BUR question, just ask and we’ll do our best to answer.

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Specification (2)

We have dedicated IKO Ares Business Managers in all parts of the country that can help with projects such as this. Please contact the IKO Technical Department in the first instance on 01257 256 864 or

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The new BS 8612 standard, covers Dry-fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling – Specification and specifies the performance requirements and methods of test for dry-fixed ridge and hip systems connected to timber ridge/hip battens, ridge boards or hip rafters. This British Standard also covers dry-fixed verge systems, which are installed with ridge, hip and verge components used with slates and tiles.

Many housing developers and roofers saw dry fix roofing as the way forward, but with no industry agreed way of assessing fit for purpose systems and components of variable quality appearing on the market. Now BS 8612:2018 Dry fixed ridge, hip, and verge systems for slating and tiling addresses this problem by ensuring that all dry fixed ridge, hip and verge systems meet agreed standards.

The standard focuses on the mechanical resistance of the dry ridge, hip or verge products and introduces new tests to determine the mechanical resistance to wind load. The standard then describes how you can use this data to determine the suitability of the product for any given project depending on the design wind exposure of the site and building.

This information allows specifiers and contractors to make sure they can select products that are fit for purpose for the design requirements of their roofing project.

Category: Specification

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