IKO Demo Day 2018

IKO Easyseal Demo Days and a Mixed Pallet Offer

You may view Demo Days with some trepidation and rightly so. Although we can never guarantee the numbers, what we can guarantee is that we will be doing everything we can to create as much interest as we can for each Demo Day.

Whether this means pushing on social media, sending out eshots or wearing a sandwich board and ringing a bell*, we will try what we can to make the Demo Day as ROI positive for you as possible! With this in mind we will be showcasing the IKO Easyseal product range.

To find out more about an IKO Demo Day you only have two more steps. We hope to see you soon!

NOTE: As an added incentive, once you sign up for a Demo Day, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase mixed pallet quantities from our IKO Easyseal range, just to make sure that you can fulfill any orders that may come from one of our demonstrations.

*Well maybe not everything!

Step #1
Is a Demo Day Right for You?

Take a look at the images of some of our recent Demo Day so you get a feel of what we offer. Its a simple approach, yet we find it effective as the products we demonstrate – IKO Easyseal range – offer a flame-free application that is quick and easy to install and who doesn’t like quick and easy?

Step #2
Enquire About Booking
an IKO Demo Day

Just drop your name and a few other details (including any preferred dates) into the contact form and we will be in touch very soon to get the Demo Day up and running – Don’t worry we won’t be spamming you or sending you unnecessary communications, this is a pure and simple inquiry form, nothing more, nothing less.

Enquire Now

Dispelling the Demo Day Myths

What if no one comes?

We can’t guarantee the numbers, but what we can guarantee is that we will be push and promoting the event far and wide using social media, eshots, posters and flyers (if required) and we may even speak to some people as well!!!!

We get a lot of these offers, why choose IKO?

We are not big, fancy or come with lots of promotional items that you can throw in the bin, but we will add value to your customers day – be it through our simple demos and witty banter… It’ll be more the demos!

But we don't sell IKO products?

No problem, let us introduce you to the range. We will be happy to come in and discuss your requirements before or after the Demo Day.

What if the weather isn't great?

It’s the UK…. What are you expecting!

In all honesty we can pitch up either inside or outside depending on the location and the weather. The one thing we won’t do is cancel because a bit of rain is forecast – That is what we do best, protect people from the elements!