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Insulation (6)

Yes, IKO enertherm cavity wall PIR insulation can be used in masonry external walls, however there should always be a 50mm residual cavity, never full fill.

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Yes, we can provide a ‘U’ value calculation for the IKO Enertherm ALU (PIR), to do this you can fill out a request for and send it to enertherm.technical.uk@iko.com

Category: Insulation

The roofing works to be carried out will need to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations 2000, Part L (Revision October 2010) in England & Wales, or The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, Section 6 of the Building Standards Technical Handbook in Scotland.

The calculation of thermal transmittance, or U-Values, for a roof is controlled by the above mentioned regulations. There are different procedures according to whether the roofing work is for new-build or refurbishment. Where the refurbishment works is part of a change of use of the building, the works should comply with the latest Building Regulations and any revision thereof.

In all circumstances, it is recommended that advice be sought from your local Building Control Office, as to the compliance requirements for this particular project. The following links offer outline guidance in specific areas:


New Build


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We would need to know the specific IKO Enertherm board you require as Celotex 75 can be several different boards. If you would like more information please email enertherm.technical.uk@iko.com

Category: Insulation

The short answer is, yes the IKO enertherm ALU Insulation Board is suitable.
Installation of the insulation boards should be over the rafters when possible. Fill all joints with PU foam. Once dry ALU tape can be used to cover the joints to create a damp proof barrier. If you are looking to use the cellar as a living space, you will need to cover it with an fire safe plasterboard.

Please consult a member of the IKO Technical Department before installing:

01257 256 864

Category: Insulation

BRE has assigned generic Green Guide ratings to various types of insulation. These thermal insulation ratings are the same for the following building types:

Domestic, Health, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Education.

Although a number of different types of thermal insulation may be used within IKO’s roofing systems, rigid urethane polyisocyanurate (PIR) is the major type which would tend to be specified within the vast majority of warm roof build-ups.

Rigid urethane insulation which is pentane blown, and which has a density of 32 kg/m³ has been given a generic Green Guide rating by the BRE of A. IKO’s brand for this type of insulation is Enertherm.

To complement this generic Green Guide rating, IKO Enertherm insulation boards are manufactured in accordance with ISO 14001. Click here to download the certificate.

In addition, IKO Enertherm boards are only ever pentane blown, and therefore have a zero ozone depletion potential. The blowing agent used also has a global warming potential of 0. Click here to download our confirmation letter.

Category: Insulation

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