Alphington Community Center, Exeter

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120m2 Replacement Flat Roof

Project Description
Alphington Community Centre is a Grade II Listed Building, dating back to the late nineteenth century, Situated in the heart of the small village after which it is named. Originally built as the Village School, the Building is now used for a variety of activities including a thriving local Pre-School. The work involved replacement of the flat roof build-up over the kitchen and toilet areas of the Pre-School but there were additional challenges to overcome, those being the gothic arch windows with brittle monopitch rooflights requiring replacement and the need to ensure the facade of the roof remained intact from the ground, which also needed to be compatible with a long term single point warranty.

IKO provided a new fully built-up IKO Ultra Prevent System including an IKO enertherm ALU Tapered Insulation Scheme. This not only enhanced the falls to drain rainwater more effectively but also upgraded the thermal value of the roof which will save the Pre-School money on their heating bills. There was particular emphasis on the monopitch rooflights as they were both brittle and in need of replacement. IKO designed a bespoke solution, in keeping with the building’s grade II listed status which also assisted with achieving the u-value upgrade required for current building regulations. The work was completed in September 2017 and the Client was highly satisfied with an IKO 25 year single point warranty.

Although it was necessary to do some of the work during term time when the children were on the premises, most of the installation was undertaken in the school summer holidays. Nevertheless, strict security and safety measures were put in place to ensure the safety of the children and staff. Access to the school was limited so all timed deliveries were made before 08:30am or after 15:30pm The most challenging issue was overcome right at the end with the installation of the new clay ridge tiles in conjunction with the IKO Ultra Prevent System.

Systems Used:
IKOpro Quick Dry Bitumen Primer
IKO Systems Torch-On Vapour Control Layer
IKOpro Sprayfast Insulation Adhesive
IKO Enertherm ALU Insulation
IKO Systems Self-Adhesive Underlay
IKO Ultra Prevent Torch-On Cap Sheet
IKO Safestick Detailing Cap Sheet
IKO Superlite Monopitch

Contractor: DFR (Torquay)
Size: 120m2