Arexim Engineering, Bulgaria

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Project Description
The 10,000 sq m roof of a Bulgarian production plant is benefiting from IKO Spectraplan – a mechanically fixed roofing membrane.

Located in Smolyan, the facility is home to Arexim Engineering, a leading producer of high-precision plastic components and tooling equipment for injection molding. The company, which employs around 800 people at the site, manufactures more than 1,200 types of technological plastic products for clients based in Belgium and across the globe.

The previous waterproofing system on the building’s roof comprised bitumen membranes covered by mineral slates and had reached the end of its serviceable life. Arexim required a new membrane which would be long-lasting and enable advanced photovoltaic (PV) panels to be installed over the top

Solution and Installation
A geotextile separation layer was applied over the old bitumen roofing system followed by a single layer of IKO Spectraplan SM – a 1.2mm thick polyester reinforced membrane that is highly flexible and elastic thanks to a unique Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer (TPE) formulation, which also significantly reduces installation times.

As an exclusive provider of IKO products, Armormat helped to oversee the work and provided advice throughout to ensure the highest standards of installation.

Lauren Howe, Export Manager from IKO Polymeric said: “This new roof features a state-of-the-art PV installation, which demanded a very robust waterproofing system. Arexim was already aware of TPE and the potential benefits, but IKO Spectraplan offered a number of additional advantages. As well as being guaranteed for at least 20 years, the membrane can be easily cleaned and repaired should any damage occur in the future, from servicing the solar panels for example.

“The mechanical application is also enabling excess moisture to be released from the previous roof structure and the very lightly coloured membrane could help to reflect more sunlight, boosting the efficiency of the PV system.“

Manufactured in the UK, IKO Spectraplan SM is highly resistant to ageing, UV exposure, and wind uplift. The mechanically fixed roofing membrane is fixed to the deck using specialist IKOfix Mechanical Fastenings and all overlaps are heat welded. Unlike other single ply membranes, IKO Spectraplan has the same polymeric compound on both the upper and lower layers, fully encapsulating the polyester reinforcement ensuring optimum weld quality and excellent mechanical properties.

Lauren continued: “IKO Spectraplan is ideal for this technologically advanced roof structure offering exceptional properties that significantly minimise the risk of any degradation. Quick to install, the membrane can
be welded when exposed to dirt, dust or moisture and does not need to be prepared using aggressive solvent cleaners. The result is a high-performance waterproofing system that will protect the roof of Arexim’s impressive headquarters for many years to come.”