Berrybrook Primary School, Wolverhampton

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2,000m2 Improvement of the roofs thermal performance

Project Description
Following several reported leaks and due to the age of the existing waterproofing system IKO were chosen to not only replace current roofing but also improved its thermal performance.

After a thorough visual, intrusive and physical appraisal the Schools roofing structure would be replaced and IKO enertherm ALU insulation boards installed within the roofing system to increase the overall thermal performance.

IKO Systems VCL and Underlay (both self-adhesive) provided a quick and easy solution that, combined with IKO enertherm ALU insulation boards and an IKO Goldseal Cap Sheet improved the roofs thermal performance and created a waterproofing roofing system with a 20 year single point warranty.

Product / Systems:
IKO Systems S-A VCL
IKO Systems S-A Underlay
IKOpro Sprayfast IBA
IKO Enertherm ALU Insulation Board
IKO Goldseal T-O Cap Sheet
IKO Guarantee: 20-Year Single Point Guarantee
Contractors: G Cooper RFG