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50 Tonnes of IKO Permaphalt Waterproofing System

Project Description
Peabody Estate, owner of the Grosvenor Estate Flats (Chesham and Hanover), Mayfair, London prefer to replace new building materials that match the material that is being replaced, in-keeping with the authenticity that so many buildings have in this areas of London. In this case Mastic Asphalt.

IKO successfully designed and installed the new roofing system – alongside contractor Sinclair Roofing, despite the difficulties with access (for plant and materials) and not being able to alter the perimeter railings.

The new IKO Permaphalt roofing waterproofing system was installed to replace the existing roof coverings and to improve insulation levels (using IKO enertherm insulation boards) for the tenants below. IKO Permaphalt provided the long term solution that was requirement.

History Behind the Location
Brown Hart Gardens in Mayfair London is not well-known but once you find it you will cherish it’s tranquillity. Only a short walk from Selfridge’s and Oxford Street, Brown Hart Gardens is a raised paved area used by local people, workers and visitors to Mayfair during the day for a quiet lunchtime sandwich or to read in peace.

Brown Hart Gardens are an amalgam of the former Brown Street on the south side and Hart Street to the north, originally two 18th century streets of small houses. When the houses were pulled down to make way for Chesham and Balderton Buildings in 1886-88, a communal garden was laid down the centre for the benefit of the residents of the flats. Since 1973 the blocks have been taken over by the Peabody Trust, and their names changed from ‘Buildings’ to ‘Flats’.