Christ Church Parish Hall, Bristol

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Locals Benefit From Refurbished Roof

Christ Church Parish Hall in Bristol is used for numerous community events including a Toddler Group, Pilates and Zumba classes.

The hall’s roof had started leaking and was in a desperate need of repair. IKO’s technical engineer carried out a moisture probe analysis to establish the extent of the damaged membrane and deck beneath.

From the inspection carried out, the roofing system was in a poor condition, and had exceeded its serviceable life. The waterproofing membrane had become age hardened and brittle, with evidence of surface cracking, and apparent blistering. Previous ‘patch repairs’ were no longer suitable to keep the water out.

Natural ageing had played a principle part in the deterioration of the traditional built up roofing system. Progressive weathering away and fracturing of the top protective coating had eventually resulted in the localised exposure of the base fabric beneath.

Some areas of the existing deck were constructed of chipboard. The core sample & moisture probe analysis highlighted that the deck was in a deteriorating condition due to water ingress. The existing deck had lost its structural strength and was classed as fragile. The deck needed to be replaced before the new waterproofing system could be installed. Following the report created, IKO worked closely with one of their approved installing contractors Davis Roofing to refine the roofing specification with Richard Pedlar Architects.

As the hall is used by the community throughout the daytime and evenings, it had to remain open whilst the building work was carried out. Davis Roofing removed the existing chipwood decking and waterproofing system reinstating it with a new deck and a high performance IKO Ultra Prevent waterproofing system. This included the upgrade of the insulation to achieve a revised U value 0.18w/mK. IKO Superlite rooflights were installed to allow extra light in to the hall.

All IKO Ultra Prevent bituminous systems offer the latest generation of high performance, elastomeric reinforced bitumen roofing coating membranes. The base fabric is treated with the prevENt graphite technology to achieve the highest fire performance standards. A high content SBS polymer modified bitumen coating also gives an outstanding low temperature flexibility of minus 25˚C.

The system carries a 20 year guarantee.

Systems Used:

IKO Systems T-O Vapour Barrier
IKO enertherm PIR ALU Insulation
IKO Systems SA Underlay
IKO Systems T-O Detailing
IKO Ultra Prevent T-O Cap Sheet
IKO Superlite Rooflights
IKOflash Lead Free Flashing

Contractor: Davis Roofing Bristol
Size: 500m²