Coventry Finham Sewage Treatment Works

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Project Description
Severn Trent’s Finham Sewage Treatment Works on the outskirts of Coventry required improvement to it’s buildings, to extend the life expectancy and minimise future maintenance. IKO PLC were invited by Summers Inman to undertake surveys and report on the condition of the roofs for Severn Trent’s compliance programme of buildings classed as ‘critical’ to their water process within their organisation. Core sampling and moisture probe analysis revealed some of the decks were unscreeded woodwool slabs causing saturation and to be classed as a fragile deck by the H. S. E. (Health and Safety Executive). In areas asphalt roofing was covered with heavy moss and vegetation allowed to grow over some time. Drainage via the internal outlets either side were completely blocked causing pooling, accelerating blistering and deterioration of the waterproofing.

Solution and Installation
The fragile decks needed overlaying with 18mm plywood and peel rivets mechanically fixed to strengthen the substrate and create a deck with a non-fragile classification. All internal outlets were blocked up and the water shed from the roof via a tapered ‘run dry’ insulation scheme to newly created external drainage. IKO UPXL was chosen for its unrivalled life expectancy and the 30 year insurance backed guarantee from IKO PLC. Within the works fragile rooflights were replaced with IKO Superlites which have a non-fragile classification as tested by the B.R.E. (British Research Establishment).

Systems Used:
IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent
IKO Systems Torch-On Vapour Control Layer
IKOpro Sprayfast Insulation Adhesive
IKO enertherm ALU Insulation
IKO UPXL Self-Adhesive Underlay
IKO UPXL Torch-Free Cap Sheet
IKO Systems Self-Adhesive Detailing Cap Sheet
IKO UPXL Self-Adhesive Detailing Underlay
IKO UPXL Self-Adhesive Detailing Cap Sheet
Contractor: Thermolast
Size: 350m²