Down to Earth Centre, Little Bryn Gwyn

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390m2 New BUFR constructed to BREEAM rating ‘Excellent’

Project Description
The Down to Earth Training Centre, built almost exclusively with natural and locally sourced materials required an anti–root roofing system, ready for the install of a green roof.

It was also very important that local and UK manufactures were chosen for this project due to its traditional build and green credentials. The three circular tiers were to be covered with an IKO Anti-Root Torch-On Cap Sheet to meet both requirements.

Due to the unusual roof formation, the installation of the cap sheet proved a challenge that was overcome with great success. Perimeter edges, insulated kerbs, gutters and up-stand details were installed with Anti-Root Torch-On Detailing Flashings. The perimeter edge outlets were also fitted with leaf guards.

Product / Systems:
IKO Challenger 180 Underlay
IKO Systems T-O VCL
IKO Systems S-A Underlay
IKO Systems T-O Underlay
IKO Anti-Root Cap Sheet
IKO enertherm ALU 160mm
Insulation Board
IKO Insulated Kerbs

IKO Guarantee: 20 -Year Single Point Guarantee

Contractors: Roofing Technologies LTD