Lumiere Apartments, Manchester

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Project Description
When Kinetic Architects won the competition to design the new Lumiere building in Manchester, the brief was to design luxury
living accommodation in the middle of Manchester, which would complement the vibrant culture of the surrounding city as well as
the lifestyles of its residents. Kinetic Architects understood the brief perfectly and developed a building which delivers spectacular panoramic views over one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. The results are stunning.

The Lumière building boasts roof top terrace gardens that wouldn’t look out of place basking in the Los Angeles sunshine. With areas of hard and soft landscaping that complement each other, Kinetic have produced something truly contemporary.

Solution and Installation
It was essential whilst specifying materials for the terraces that Kinetic chose a waterproofing system that would provide peace of mind. Through close liaison with our dedicated technical team, IKO Permanite fully bonded IKO Permatec Hot Melt Monolithic System was chosen. IKO Permatec is a specially formulated combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers, fillers and other additives which improve flexibility and fatigue endurance. IKO Permatec is hot-applied in conjunction with carefully selected reinforcement and detailing fabrics and protection layers and is ideal for inverted or paved roofing areas.

BBA Certified, IKO Permatec boasts a self-sealing capability and rapid setting characteristics, which will last the life of the building. IKO Permatec is a monolithic system, which is fully bonded to the structural deck. In the unlikely event of the membrane becoming pierced, water would be unable to track beneath, minimising the potential for interior water damage. IKO Permatec is delivered in 12kg zero wrapper kegs which are easier to handle and produce 98.5% less waste than cardboard boxes used to package other Hot Melt systems. This is a major benefit to the roofing contractor, making their job much easier, cleaner and cheaper. IKO Permatec is ideally suited for roof gardens, protected roofs, plaza decks, podiums, substructures and water features.

Systems Used: IKO Permatec Primer, IKO Permatec Anti-Root Hot Melt, IKO Permaflash-R Reinforcement, IKO Permaguard-F Protection Layer, IKO enertherm XPS Insulation, IKO enertherm WCL, IKO Paving Support Pads, Slabs / Ballast
Contractor: West Properties
Size: 1,200m²