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35 Tonnes of IKO Permaphalt Waterproofing System

Project Description

The Round Tower (dating back to the 1400’s) is a fortification at the entrance to Portsmouth harbour. A Grade I listed building that sits (actually overhangs) the Portsmouth sea front and is susceptible to all types of coastal weather.

The current waterproofing system, that is essential for protecting this historic tower, needed replacing with a longer term solution. The IKO Permaphalt System was chosen for this project due to the 20 year guarantee offered and the previous heritage projects IKO have successfully helped preserve with various waterproof solutions.

The existing coverings were removed and replaced by Southern Flat Roofing & Pitched Roofing Ltd, providing a surface that would withstand constant foot traffic as well as the weather that many seafront structures suffer from.

The Round Towers History
The site was originally occupied by a wooden tower before being replaced by a stone one. The wooden tower was built between 1418 and 1426 on the orders of King Henry V In 1422 a defensive chain that could be raised in an emergency was built from the round tower across the harbour entrance. A depiction of how the round tower appeared in 1545.

In the 1490s the tower was rebuilt in stone. In the 1680s a line of ramparts was added that connected the tower to the square tower. The upper section was later rebuilt during the Napoleonic wars.

Between 1847 and 1850 the roof of the tower was modified to serve as a gun platform.

Portsmouth city council purchased the tower in 1958.