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Felt roofing is an established method of using bituminous felts to create durable built-up roofing systems for flat and low slope roofs. Felt roofing systems are used for residential and commercial buildings across the sectors as they are economical and easy to install, replace and repair.

Nail fixing and cold adhesive can also be used for some applications. However, torch-on and pour and roll methods can be used to install a felt roof system. Torch-on is more widespread in modern roofing because it allows for an easier installation and faster completion. The felt is available in a roll with a bitumen adhesive already applied to the roofing felt during manufacture. The modified bitumen is released with an open flame gas torch and the felt can be rolled directly onto the roof surface. Safe2Torch guidance from the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) must be followed to ensure safe installation.

Although single layer felt roofs are available, felt roofing generally uses two or three sheets of modified bitumen felts. This is especially the case for roofs with a pitch below 10°. A three layer system is widely used as it increases the durability of the roof and its resistance to UV radiation.

A base, or a venting layer, is usually installed on a primed, non-combustible substrate. This is generally partially bonded. This is followed by an intermediate layer of the felt roof build-up, a waterproofing membrane. High-performance systems use glass fibre-based membranes coated in oxidised bitumen that is sand finished and fully bonded. A cap sheet is the final layer. These are often coated with APP or SBS rubber modified bitumen.

Single and built-up felt roofing systems can be specified for new projects. They are also ideally suited for refurbishment and repairs as the cap sheet can be overlayed onto the existing roof covering. Roofing felts can also be used as temporary waterproofing.

What are the benefits of felt roofing?

  • Tested and proved roofing material
  • Economical roofing solution
  • Excellent water resistant properties
  • Strong resistance to wind
  • Variety of installation methods
  • Easy to install and repair

IKO products are manufactured in the UK from responsibly, and where possible, locally sourced materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help with the sustainability of your project. The majority of our roofing systems are also BBA certified.

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IKO Trade Felt Underlay

IKO Trade Felt Underlay

    Key Benefits to your project
    • Traditional product

    • Economy roofing materials

    • Nail fixing or cold adhesive application

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