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Loose laid roofs

With loose laid roofs, the waterproofing membrane is not attached to the substrate. This is because the membrane will have additional layers such as paving slabs, gravel, or soil placed over it. It is recommended that an even layer of 20-40mm diameter rounded ballast be laid at a minimum rate of 80kg per square metre and 50mm thickness. The dead weight of these materials will secure the membrane and protect it from the effects of wind and other external factors. Timber decking is sometimes considered for this application, but the design of the roof must reflect the lower dead weight, potentially requiring special measures.

Both warm and inverted roof systems can be loose laid, the difference being the positioning of the waterproofing membrane. Due to the requirement for ballast materials to impose a minimum load to ensure the roofing components remains in place, the substructure must be able to support more weight than other roofing systems.

As there is no need for heat or adhesives, loose laid roof installation is less weather dependant than many other applications and the installation is odourless. Fasteners may be used at the perimeter of the roof, however, the installation is still relatively fast, simple, and economical.

The use of ballast means that loose laid roofs are durable and can withstand the contraction and expansion of heat and cold well. The gravel or paving also protects the roof from UV radiation and foot traffic and can help absorb heat, increasing the energy efficiency of the building.


What are the benefits of loose laid roofs?

  •  Durable in extreme weather conditions due to being able to accept expansion and contraction
  • All IKO roofing systems that use loose laid application are BBA certified
  • Can be installed over damp or irregular surfaces and in any weather conditions
  • Can be partially recycled at the end of design life
  • Long lasting solution, unaffected by UV-rays and foot traffic
  • Relatively fast to install without the need for adhesives or heat

IKO products are manufactured in the UK from responsibly, and where possible, locally sourced materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint to support the sustainability of your project.

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Why Choose IKO?
  • Family Owned

  • Full Range of Roofing Solutions

  • UK Manufactured

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IKO Armourplan Cold Roof Mechanically Fixed System

IKO Armourplan Cold Roof Mechanically Fixed System

    Key Benefits to your project
    • Polymeric Single Ply PVC
      Zero Flame installation

    • Excellent mechanical properties and product performance

    • Excellent UV resistance and durability

    IKO Permaflash-R

    IKO Permaflash-R

      Key Benefits to your project
      • 55g/m2 polyester reinforcement sheet

      • Provides high tensile strength

      • Installed within the IKO Permatec System

      IKO Permaguard HDPB (Heavy Duty Protection Board)

      IKO Permaguard HDPB (Heavy Duty Protection Board)

        Key Benefits to your project
        • Dimensionally stable

        • Resistant to normal weathering conditions

        • Manufactured in 2m2 sheets – simplifies estimation and installation

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