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Flooring components – Floor insulation

Floor insulation reduces the amount of heat that escapes through the flooring system to help achieve compliance with energy efficiency regulations. Floor insulation can also provide acoustic performance, limiting the noise from highly trafficked areas such as car parks, and reducing the impact on the surrounding environment. Insulation for floor system specification must have high dimensional stability and compressive strength to provide a durable solution capable of accepting high mechanical loads that pedestrian and vehicular traffic will impose.

Insulation as a flooring component can be used in internal and . Residential developments as well as car parks, balconies, terraces, podium decks and elevated walkways and ramps can all benefit from an insulation layer.

There are various types of insulation products available on the market and for maximum performance, it is crucial to select a solution that fits the project specific requirements. Insulation boards that are used as a thermal layer in flooring systems need to have high compressive strength to be able to accept the required loads. Insulation materials, including boards, angle fillets and stop battens with a suitable AVCL can be laid over most substrates, including mastic asphalt screed and screed concrete. Crucially the insulation used must be compatible with the specified waterproofing, whether it is liquid applied or a solution that requires heat.


What are the benefits of insulation boards for flooring systems?

  • Helps improve thermal performance and energy efficiency
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of a building
  • Low thermal conductivity of floor insulation can help achieve required U-values with a minimum thickness
  • High compressive strength for applications designed for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Improves acoustic performance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High dimensional stability


IKO products are manufactured in the UK from responsibly, and where possible, locally sourced materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help with the sustainability of your project.

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